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Welcome to the Task Force!

To help us achieve our objectives of engaging in Boom Beach OP's often, getting lots of loot, and having fun, please abide by the following rules:

Op Rules

  1. Participate in every OP.

  2. Deploy all your troops using full boats.

  3. Never press the Sabotage button.

  4. Never retreat unless you have only medics left.

  5. (Heavy players) Never solo a weaker base for the purpose of preserving your troops.


Breaking any of these rules

can get you kicked off

the Task Force.


Op Tips

  1. Ask questions.

  2. If Op bases are numbered on the map, attack them in order: “1” first, “2” second, and so on, unless you are a weaker player.  (See Tip 3.)

  3. If your troops cannot get to the closest target without dying first, wait until someone has cleared a path for you, or attack a different Op base.

  4. Watch the replay of previous attacks to get ideas.

  5. Attack the same side of a base as others have done before you.

  6. Shock heavier defenses before attacking them.

  7. Check ranges of defensive turrets (boom cannons, shock launchers, and grapplers) before attacking to help formulate your attack.

  8. Consider using barrage and artillery on shock launchers and grapplers to clear the way for your next player’s troops.

  9. Troops can’t return fire when skittering to the next flair like scared chickens.

  10. You’ll know you’ve marked a building with a flair when a white cross-hair marks it briefly.  If this doesn't happen, flair the building again or your troops will gather in the area and die while deciding what to do.

  11. Clear a path to the Core for your remaining players.

  12. Do not intentionally attack power cells (green structures) unless you plan on using the GBE energy to drop barrage and artillery attacks onto larger enemy defenses.

  13. Riflemen, Zookas, and Heavies work better against boom cannons, while Tanks work better against rocket launchers, flame throwers, sniper towers, and machine gun turrets.

  14. Make sure you use all your GBE before losing your troops.


If your troops die

after inflicting

only 5% damage on

one building, that

is 5% less damage

your remaining

players must


Click here to download excel file.

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